Why You Need To Consult A Podiatrist In Houston?

Foot pain is a common thing for most of us. We all have experienced it and most of the time simply ignored it thinking it will be healed naturally. However, constant pain at your foot may be a sign of serious issues. It is recommended to consult a specialist doctor so that the problem is detected and treated before it goes worse. In cases of aggravated wound or pain, you may need to go through minimum invasive surgeries.

Foot pain can be caused by the weight that our body put on it. Excessive weight, uneven distribution of weight, wrong choice of foot wear, accident and unnatural shape of the feet can all be responsible for foot related problems. Podiatrist Houston used the most advanced diagnostic podiatry ultrasound to diagnose the issue and prescribe drugs as per the requirement. Here are few situations when you must take a podiatrist’s suggestion.

The pain can be due to degenerative arthritis that are caused due to damaged cartilages located at the end of the bones. With age the protective cartilage that saves the bones from friction starts to wear down and you start feeling pain, soreness or inflammation at the joints. The podiatrists may try to relieve the pain with the help of inserts. In severe cases, they may perform surgical treatment.

Often the practice of wearing high heels or narrow fitted shoes initiates pain or other complications in your foot. Shoes that have not sufficient space at the toe box tend to hurt the foot in many ways and cause hammer toe, mallet toe, bunion and other deformities along with foot and ankle pain. Intense exercise, accident, and even past wounds can be the reason of discomfort.

Not only podiatrists help you with your pain and discomfort, if you feel embarrassed about your abnormally short toe, it can be fixed with a podiatrist help. Podiatrist surgeons in Houston perform simple minimal invasive surgery known as Brachymetatarsia surgery to realign the toe and give the foot its right shape.


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