When should I get Laser Nail Treatment in Houston?

Laser nail treatment is mostly used for treating the deformed and damaged nails that mostly occurs due to fungal attack. Fungus that lives in moist areas can invade in your skin around nails through small cuts or the gap between nail and nail bed and grow inside the nails. Fungi survive without sunlight and can grow in the nail bed for several hours. As the fungus deepens the nails started to lose its natural glow and get thicken, crumbled and discolored.

In early stages it can be treated with home remedies like coconut oil, baking soda, vinegar or menthol rub but if it is already in its advanced stage, it may need to be treated by doctors. The doctors will prescribe medication for growing healthy nails. However, if it is too deformed to be treated or getting painful, the doctors may perform surgical treatment or Laser Nail Treatment in Houston.

When should I consult a doctor?

A few symptoms indicate that you may have a fungal infection in your nails, like –

  • Discolored, Yellowish or blackish nail
  • Dull nails without any natural shine
  • Unnaturally thick nails
  • Distorted and deformed shapes

In severe cases the patient may face acute pain or the nail may come out of the nail bed. If you are having such signs, get advice from a doctor.

Treatments –

The doctor may prescribe oral antifungal drugs like terbinafine (Lamisil) and itraconazole (Sporanox). You need to have it for six to 12 weeks. The improvement became visible once the infected nails get removed by new uninfected nails. Medicated nail polish is also an alternative treatment where the patient needs to apply the nail polish regularly and clear the piled up debris until the deformed nails are not completely removed. Laser Nail Treatment Houston is the latest treatment that uses carbon-dioxide laser therapy to treat the infection and grow new and healthy nails.


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