Do I Need To Surgically Remove The Bunion In My Foot?

Bunion looks like a bonny bump at the base of the big toe joint. It’s a bone and tissue enlargement forms when the big toe shifts towards the next toes due to outer pressure or uneven distribution of weight. The joint sticks out unnaturally eventually turning into a deformed hard knob. Occasionally, it can be painful and sore creating trouble while wearing the shoe. However, the pain can be relieved with conservative treatment. If the situation doesn’t improve in this way, only then the doctor will perform a bunion surgery in Houston.

Conservative treatment –

  • Shoes are mostly responsible for people specially women having bunion. The change of footwear will be the first step to relieve your discomfort. The patient must stop wearing narrow fitted shoes and replace high-heels with low-heel shoes. The shoe has to be roomy enough so that there is enough space in the toe box.
  • Shoe inserts- Shoe inserts are used for even distribution of pressure on the foot so that the affected joint doesn’t get worse.
  • The podiatrists may suggest and also help you with using padding and splinting to fix your feet in normal position. If an unnatural shape of foot is causing bunion, this will help to reduce the stress on the affected area and reducing the soreness as well.
  • Application of ice also helps to lower the pain.
  • Foot Doctors may prescribe medication or use Cortisone injection for relieving pain.

Surgical treatment-

In severe cases the doctor may perform bunion surgery in Houston. The surgery involves –

  • Removal of the metatarsal head that protuberates abnormally.
  • Removal of the swollen tissue around the big toe joint.
  • Realignment of the ligaments around the affected joint.
  • Joining the bones of your affected joint permanently.
  • Realigning the long bone between the back part of your foot and big toe.

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