Nail Problem? – Know the Probable Reason and Treatment

Discolored and ugly nails can be the sign of nail fungal infection. Before it turns brittle and painful, you need to turn to an expert physician to be treated properly. The article discuss about the available treatment and cure of the nail problem.

Toenail fungus infection or onychomycosis is a chronic progressive decease that discolors and deforms the nail and rarely causes pain. Fungi are microscopic organisms that live in moist areas andcan grow without sunlight. It usually lives in swimming pools, public showers and invades in the skin through minor cuts at the opening between toenail and nail bed. Dermatopphytes (fungi)enter the nail bed,lives and grows in the nail bed and the matrix. You know you have a fungal infection at toe nail through a few signs that naturally occurs to everyone affected –

  • Nail gradually starts getting discolored – it can be yellowish, blackish or brown)
  • Flaky, brittle or worn out nails – gets broken easily
  • Thick nails, too thick to cut –It can be painful too
  • In advanced cases the nails may lift out from the nail bed
  • Bruised nails

If you are at the earlier stage of the nail infection, then try home remedies with easily available products like coconut oil, Baking soda, vinegar, menthol balm etc. to stop the fungal growth in the nails. However, if that’s not working, then it’s time that you get nail problem treatment in Houston. Consult a doctor who will diagnose the problem to treat the disease and restore the normal condition of your toenails.

Fungal infection treatment

The doctors will start treating the infection by medication. If medications fail to cure they may perform surgery or laser treatment as per patient’s requirement.

Medicated nail cream-

The doctor may prescribe antifungal cream to use it regularly. You need to apply the cream around the affected area and leave it for soaking. However, the ointment finds hard to be absorbed in skin through hard nail. It will work better if you can thin the nails first.

Medicated nail polish –

Medicated nail polish or ciclopirox can be a useful treatment. You have to paint it on the infected nails and surrounding skin. You can do it once in a day and after seven days wipe the layered up debris with alcohol. Repeat the same throughout the year.

Oral antifungal drugs-

Your doctor may prescribe terbinafine (Lamisil) and Itraconazole (Sporanox)- oral antifungal drugs for nail problem treatment in Houston. Typically you will be asked to have it for six to twelve weeks though the cure will be only visible after the nail grows back completely. This time the healthy and infection-free nail will replace the infected nail gradually. You may need to wait for four months for the complete replacement and elimination of the infection. For better result doctors may prescribe topical antifungal therapy along with oral drugs.

Surgical nail removal –

If the surgeon diagnoses severe infection or the thing is getting painful then you may need to surgically remove the affected nail. New nail will naturally grow back in its place gradually. You may need to wait for a year to get a completely grown up nail.

Laser nail treatment

It includes effective carbon-dioxide laser therapy to treat the infection. To ensure faster recovery the doctor will suggest applying medication or antifungal nail cream along with regular laser therapy.


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