Few Basic Tips for Budding Runners

Things have started to look good! With the arrival of spring, many of us are eagerly waiting to put on a pair of running shoes and spring into action. According to a study conducted recently, a record number of people are participating in running with a growth of 70% more runners over the last decade. With an increase in the number of runners, there has also been an increase in the injury figures. Hence, to prevent injury, here are some basic tips on running that would come as a great help to a beginner.

Get Good Running Shoes

It is always a wise decision to invest in a good pair of shoes and ensure that they fit properly. It may be that the feet lengths may differ and hence ensuring that enough space is there in each shoe is important. See that a minimum of a half inch of vacant room exists from the longest toe of foot. In addition, there must be enough room in the toe box to help toes spread out. It is always a good decision to wear socks when running to prevent the occurrence of blisters. If you pronate or supinate, a pair of orthotics could come as a great help.

Warm Up

You may need a bit of warm up before you start your workout. This will help in improving the overall flexibility and help you make more efficient stride when running. Your warm up could include light stretching while keeping the deeper stretching for later workout. Walk both before and after the run. Start at a slow pace and gradually increase into your usual pace. You should ease into your running routine.

Ease Into Routine

Most running injuries result from doing too much too soon. Hence, a slow increase in the intensity and length of each run and giving your body enough healing time will prevent such injuries from occurring.  It is recommended to go for cross training, especially in the early stages to help maintain your cardio gains and at the same time, letting your muscles to recover. Try to build strength in other body parts to increase the overall strength and conditioning. Try not to do repetitive motion, as otherwise it may lead to injury. Change your daily routine by changing the shoes your run in, the surface your run on, how inclined the course is and how fast you run.

Recovery and Cool-Down

The cool-down is an important part of running as your heart rate and blood pressure come down slowly. End the run with a brisk walk or jog. Ensure that you drink enough water in between runs. Take at least a day or two of a week from running to stop any injury and overtraining from happening. Finally, if ever you feel pain in your body, slow down and let your body adjust to what you can handle. If there is some kind of injury happening to your foot, see a foot doctor Houston to prevent further problems from happening.


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